About teledesign

In the nineties teledesign began offering consultancy services to companies who wanted solutions to handle incoming calls, and efficiently send these calls to the right departments. In 1998 we bought SS7 switches from Telesoft and interconnected with BT and C&W (now Vodafone) to supply 0800 freephone numbers to advertising agencies. We then started offering email and voice mail services to advertisers, as the business grew web design and SEO services also became part of what we do !


Over the years our consultants have built up a considerable knowledge in these four main areas :

  • Data & Comms
  • Cloud Hosted Services
  • Managed IT and Monitoring
  • Web Design & Hosting

More recently

In 2001 we formed a new company called “Teledesign Solutions” , the goal to offer civil construction companies data and comms services, no matter where the site is, we provide a super fast service to get the site up and running with internet, we use all types of delivery from radio, xDSL, Satellite, 4G and Fibre services.

We really love a challenge, so please contact us if you need any of our speedy comms services.

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